Our Tyre Protection Products & More

Liquid vulcanized rubber enforced with fibers.

It is injected into the tyre through the valve, using a pump,
in certain quantity defined by tyre size, once in the lifetime of the tyre.

The application is very easy, no need to dismantle the wheel from the machine or the tyre from the rim.

We offer the unique opportunity for you to design and materialize a tyre repair kit under YOUR OWN BRAND name.

The pump is designed and produced according to the specification and technical instructions of the company, so that it will ensure safe installation.

BEST 1414 - machine body cleaner, degreaser. Best 1414 is a cleaner and degreaser that also removes temporary coatings and non-silicone based waxes from metal and painted surfaces.

BEST 1425 - Cleaner of Radiators and Channels of Cooling Water closed circuits. Best 1425 is a powder that removes light oxides and staining from copper, steel and aluminum.

Kit contains a 4” rim tyre, one penetrating object, one key for unscrewing the core of the valve and a bottle of BEST T.P.S. , all included in a bag.

Aluminum stand with acrylic joins, to be used in exhibitions or show rooms. Wheel not included.

Cream is used during tyre to rim assembly in order to seal possible leakages from the bead or the join between rim and tyre.

BEST 1640 Corrosion inhibiting additive for water and ethylene glycol-based engine heat exchange fluids. It protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosive contaminants.

Best Antifreeze is only available to Greece. Please contact us for details.