The product is manufactured by the company BEST Tyre Protection Sealant International.
and it is distributed by the same company in Greece and the International market by the Brand name: Best Tyre Protection Sealant.

Very important International Clients prefer to distribute the product using their own labels and packaging in order to take advantage of their own already established brand name. Also our high quality Chemical and Mechanical engineers can amend and develop products according to clients' demands, uses and ambient conditions.

In this case our company is bound with a very strict contract concerning the exclusivity of using the client's brand name and packaging, as well as with a confidentiality agreement.

Our factory has a production capacity of 2.8 tons per 8 hours shift and our packaging and labelling facility can offer BEST T.P.S. in:

  • Containers (tote or I.B.C. ) of 1000 liters,
  • Barels ( drums ) of 200 liters and
  • Pails of 30 liters.


Our graphic designers can propose your private labels or we can use your own.

If there are any special packaging needs, our management is open to discuss them.
In case of using your own labels and drums our company will store them in our logistics stores up to the moment of shipment. 
Prices will be calculated by deducting the cost of our containers and the final price will depend on the quantity per shipment.