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BEST Tyre protection Sealant International was founded in 2002 and currently is based in Attica, Greece. After spending two years of product development between universities of Athens, London and Dusseldorf, the company has created a resin which can sustain rubber crumbs and fibres in a homogenized solution, formulated as liquid rubber.


BEST T.P.S. Int’l markets its sealants under the registered trade mark BEST T.P.S® Our high quality team of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers is committed to the highest levels of quality for our products. Our R&D department develops products to meet clients’ specifications according to our private labeling policy.


In 2006 the company bought its new offices in Nea Makri Attica, Greece.



In 2008 the company bought the land and building of the factory in Piraeus, Greece. The strategic selection of the location of the factory nearby the port of Piraeus was proven to be highly helpful for the company’s export business orientation. The space of the factory come to 500 m2 , extendable to another 1500 m2, give enough space for our production.



In 2011 the company founded BEST South Africa, in Durban South Africa to cover the continuously increasing demand of BEST T.P.S® in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Early 2012 the company founded BEST T.P.S. Global Ltd, in Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, to manage international trading of its products.




Production – capacity

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With an in-house research and development department and outsourced independent testing laboratory we can guarantee best quality for our products.

After a significant investment in new equipment in 2011 and completely renovating three production lines, the capacity of the factory has reached to 2800 Kg per 8 hours shift. By this capacity the company can provide to the market a 20’ container every three


BEST T.P.S Int’l employs state of the art manufacturing techniques

and equipment to warranty the highest levels of quality and efficiency for our sealing technology. The quality of our products is secured by our stringent laboratory testing for the entire production in every single batch. Samples are coded and kept for any future use.




Market - clients

European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
Technical Chamber of Greece
Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hellenic Exporters Association
Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Thousands of satisfied clients worldwide have driven millions of kilometers, moving millions of tones basing their business in tyres treated with BEST T.P.S®

Major Tyre Dealers, State owned and Private companies, Truck fleets, Earth movers, Quarries, Waste haulers, Contractors of any kind of civil works and buildings, are only few of end-users to enjoy the benefits of BEST T.P.S®

Our network of sales has been expanded to almost all continents and our vision is to have an agent in all countries of the world.

In almost ten years of operation, our product is available in:

Europe: Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Germany

Africa: Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Algeria, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa.

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China.

America: United States, Canada, Panama, Peru, Tobacco-Trinidad, Suriname, Costa – Rica, Domenica Republic, Haiti, Cayman Islands.

Members of

  • E.T.R.T.O. European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
  • TEE Technical Chamber of Greece
  • E.B.E.A. Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Π.Σ.Ε. Hellenic Exporters Association
  • Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce