BEST International, exclusive manufacturer and distributor worldwide of the Tyre Protection Sealant "BEST",



that the product will seal any puncture caused by a nail 12mm in diameter for tubeless tyres of heavy vehicles and off road vehicles or 6mm in diameter for commercial vehicles and passenger cars or 3mm in diameter for motorcycles* and bikes for ALL THE LEGAL LIFE of the tyre.



wounds on the sidewall of the tyre. It is illegal to repair sidewall wounds due to the rupture of the belts, and flexing of the tyre. If it is proved that damage was caused to the tyre because of the use of "BEST", the customer will get a full refund by the company or the Installer.



if "BEST" is mixed or contaminated by other substances like: water, oil or any other substance as well as other material that may enter the tyre. The person in charge of the guarantee and the money return, when and if demanded is the member of the Installation system, meaning the Installer or his franchisees that carried out the installation of the product.



a. "BEST" Tyre Sealant in any form or type (T.P.S., Glassier, Tyre Doctor) is rubber in liquid form. It will cure any damage in the rubber mass of the tyre but it will NEVER cure damages in the armory (metal or conventional) of the tyre. Tyre's strength depends on the strength of the armory as rubber has very limited mechanical strength. Therefore "BEST" rubber will cure tyre's rubber, never expect that it will cure the sceleton of the tyre.

b. Detailed statistic analysis of the damages, noticed in tubes has shown that the functionality of BEST , depends on the quality of the tube. For tubes made by reliable European or American manufacturers we are proud to guarantee efficiency more than 85%. But there are some tubes in the market that are completely tattered even by the touch of a thin pin. It has to be highlighted in this point that BEST is designed to seal leakages and punctures. Under no circumstances we do not claim that the product will improve the strength of the tyre its self or the strength of the tube to be used in. Therefore we recommend use of "BEST" in tubeless tyres.

c. It must be noted that the dimension of the hole that "BEST" can seal depends on the thickness of the rubber. The thicker, the larger hole can be sealed. Since the company does not know in advance what type of motorcycle "BEST T.D" will be installed in, and to protect the installer from possible demands, it claims that it guarantees the sealing of a hole 3mm in diameter, as is for the tyres of bikes.