BEST Protection Sealant...
is a new thixotropic and colloidal resin 
containing rubber crumbs and micro fibers
which PROTECTS the tyres of all vehicles from:

  • Holes of certain diameter
  • Any pressure leakage from the rim, the o- rings the valve or hidden pore
  • Increase of temperature
  • Imbalance
  • Failure of Retread

There are two types of "BEST" product
so that it can deal with the needs of all vehicles.


BEST Tyre Protection Seant or "BEST T.P.S."
to be used in heavy earth moving machines, construction machines, heavy and light trucks, trailers, semi trailers, etc. Our highly qualified Chemical Engineers in our R&D department can amend the values of the product according to clients' specifications and especially the ambient temperature of each country. Recently we have developed "BEST Glassier" for our clients in Russian Siberia and Mongolia. This new product never get dry and never freeze, tested to -54oC.


BEST Tyre Doctor or "BEST T.D"
to be used for light and fast vehicles like cars, vans, pick-ups, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. This is a repair kit containing a bottle of "BEST T.D", a mini 12V compressor, gloves ,tools and CD Instructions, to be used as a repair kit. In the market it in known by the brand "SOS SUPER POWER" repair kit. 

The characteristics of "BEST" are:

  • White color with black specks of rubber crumbs and fibres
  • Rust inhibitor for the protection of the rims and tyre metal belts
  • It does not freeze at temperatures of -54°C (BEST Glassier) or - 37°C (BEST T.P.S) during the tests and does not boil at + 125°C in functioning conditions (120psi)
  • It always remains in liquid condition within the space of the tyre, it does not react chemically with the rubber and it does not stick neither on the rim nor on the tyre
  • It is injected ONCE in the lifetime of a tyre. Selflife in the pail is unlimited, Selflife in the tyre is as long as the tyre is operational.
  • Water soluble which makes it easy to remove from the tyres
  • Very good conductor of heat and electricity
  • The patch to be created, is permanent, has the same elasticity as the tyre, so it does not dry up and has the same rate of wear as the tyre
  • It has no effect on the skin and is easily removed with water (See MSDS)
  • It is environmentally friendly and its waste is to be treated like old tyres according to the local environmental law
  • The mixture of resins that it consists of, is thixotropic and colloidal.


Thixotropic is a liquid which decreases its viscosity when shear forces like the centrifigular ones are applied on its molecules. That means that as the wheel spins up and velocity is increased, the resin becomes more and more fluid. As a result "BEST" is better and better spread and covers the entire internal surface of the tyre.


Colloidal is a material which becomes increasingly sticky as the temperature increases. "BEST" absorbs thermal strength, therefore tyres run cooler.


As a result of these two values of the product, "BEST" becomes more fluid and increasingly sticky at working conditions of the wheel and it is very effective to create permanent patches.